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"Listen to the customer and find a solution" is the philosophy of Vogel Industries since it started its business in Malaysia in 1994.


Our customers associate the company note only with products but also with people. Mr. Tai and his team's commitment, their loyalty, their many years of experience are all significant factors in our success. Add to this is the know-how about the products and, last but not least, the declared will to always be the best in our field.


We adapted ourselves continuously to the different markets we are working with and to changing economic conditions. We developed new products and entered into new business sectors.


In 1960 my family started in Germany the passenger seat production company and created the brand name, vogelsitze® which was internationally already well established when we started our operation in Malaysia in 1994.
End of 2011 I sold the Germany company and brand name „vogelsitze“ but kept all Asian operations. The Malaysian company was re-named into Vogel Industries Malaysia. Since then it has created its own brand and expands successfully to steady growth. Since the very beginning it has been our obligation and challenge to satisfy our customers who are always making more demand. Beside a perfect product they request problem-solving, experience, reliability, a business relationship based on trust and proximity. Vogel Industries is making all efforts to comply with this demand and to give satisfaction to their customer.




Vogel Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd.