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Being one of the top-rated producers of vehicle seating, Vogel Industries; a joint venture between Germany and Malaysia, has received sufficient technology transfer as well as technical backup from our German company group partners. Today,


we pride ourselves in our knack and competence to generate world-class premium seating for cars, buses, marines and auditoriums that meet the most stringent international standards.


Vogel Industries has been lucky enough to survive all the global and economic crisis that have come about in the past two decades. Amidst all the chaos, we have managed to evolve from manufacturing of bus seats only to all sorts of seating. It has not been a stroll in the park but we have managed to broaden our product range and increase our market shares. We now possess the facilities and capability to fabricate a wider variety that covers coach seating, marine seating and auditorium seating. On top of these, we have also emerged to be one of the trusted OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manufactures. Every single achievement and new product that we have successfully added to the existing range was a proof of the market’s confidence in our quality and specifications.


As a producer with approximately 80-85% of businesses from export, we should never stop accumulating new innovative elements into new product designs. Bear in mind our chief responsibility to incessantly offer our clients (transportation operators) with products that bring about less fuel consumption (significant saving), longer durability and ease of maintenance (work efficiency). We should also remind ourselves the commitment to create a pleasant user experience for passengers by providing them with comfortable seating as well as uncompromising safety.


In as much as we have grown over the years, there is still a lot of space for improvement. The fact that Vogel Industries has lost a lot of business opportunity especially in the lower end market over the years is undeniable. This happened mainly due to our relentlessness when it comes to product quality and safety which in turn affected the prices. This is one point that should be improved on (accommodating the lower-end market). However, Vogel industries has won the trust and support of numerous clients in the mid-end and high-end market. We feel proud of our good reputation in these markets in as well as the international market. It remains my wish that we stick to our policy of using superior materials in order to maintain and even improve this stature. The admirable recognition and strong support that we enjoy in the global market shows that we are full of potential and that we must utilize it even more.


My vision for Vogel Industries might be rather unique but I believe if actualized, will take us to greater heights. I think, having products with premium quality and good safety alone is not enough for us to make a firm footing and move forward steadily in this modern and highly competitive market. Product differentiation is the key! This should be our winning factor and one that will give us an upper hand over our competition. I am very proud that Vogel has already initiated a means of integrating product differentiation into our plan. Factors such as energy saving product designs, comfort and proper space planning will go a long way in helping us achieve this if carefully considered.


I sincerely appreciate the creativity, perseverance and efforts of our Research and Development team that have played a vital role in our business recognition. They greatly contributed in successful launching of the innovative REVO (REVOLUTION) seating series in year 2012. The technical break through has victoriously reduced the weight of each seat (by 3 kilogram) and the total weight of passenger vehicle. This reduction in weight significantly enables the lower fuel consumption and great cost savings! REVO series of product was designed to allow quicker replacement of cushion and seat cover in just three minutes. In addition to this fast service, you may save up to 80% of the operating time. Our clients can now maximize the working efficiency of their human resources with REVO. Above all, without sacrificing quality and safety, the investment of transportation operators in REVO seating can be covered back in just three years besides getting a long service life of up to 17 years.


For a sustainable development in the future, we will focus on the following aspects:

Product Upgrade

We will further enhance our products by launching premium seats with Aluminum base structure. The new products will further compress the weight of each seat and allow more saving on fuel costs without compromising the current features and level of safety.

Regional Manufacturing Facilities & Nearby Markets

Vogel Industries is aiming at the emerging markets of Southeast Asia region with good potential such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. We are looking forward to setting up manufacturing facilities in these markets and leverage on their steady supply of labor at relatively lower cost. We strongly believe that strategic geographical location of these new intended setups is crucial for us to serve other nearby huge regional markets better as well as gaining bigger market shares.

Environment-Friendly Design & Materials Used

Vogel Industries will also do its best to exercise its corporate social responsibility by adapting more environment-friendly factors in its product designs, use of materials, workflow, labor policies and waste disposal practices. One of our focuses is to increase recyclability of the product components.

I heartedly hope and urge each person in the big family of Vogel Industries to stay united and work closely with each other. We shall redouble our efforts in product innovation, product branding, customer services, and market development. Let’s work harder together for a better future!

Tai Boon Huck

Managing Director

Vogel Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd.