In 2017, the setup of the Centre of Engineering and installation of a tensile test bench marked another new milestone in the company's development. Its Centre of Engineering was named in honor of Mr Karl Haarer, a distinguished German engineer who vastly contributed to product development .


While digitalization has taken the world by storm, Vogel Industries continues to lead at the forefront of the industry. Our R&D team has brought us to a greater height by designing the high technology seating which incorporates a digital display to show seat availability. Market competition is fierce but we possess what it takes to distinguish ourselves from others.


With the company's emphasis on talent development and high technology adoption, the management of Vogel Industries has managed to create a highly motivated workforce and a conducive work environment that translate into its success.


The Centre of Engineering has indeed given us an upper hand over our competition. Our research and development as well as product safety and quality assurance is taken up a notch.